I Want to Date Nick Goepper

The Sochi Olympics fell this winter on the week of Valentine’s day. This left many athletes Valentine-less, but Nick Goepper was not going to let that happen. He might have not had a date on February 14th, but he will when he returns to his hometown of Lawrenceburg, Indiana. Image

So, since I have been a fan of Nick for a while now.. I thought I would enter. Well, it has been the most fun I have had in a long time. My friend and I made a short 15 second video. We went on a walk in my neighborhood to find enough snow-covered ground to pretend I was skiing. The ground was covered and luckily it just started to snow heavily when we reached where we wanted to film. The scene was perfect. I had a pair of old skis that I leave in my garage at home and I put them on and began going up a very, very small hill. When I came down the hill, it looked like I was on an actual ski mountain. I think the video turned out great. That was the best part. We had so much fun, to the point, we almost forgot we were doing this for a purpose!

here is the link for my video! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10203157913772353 …

Since I have posted the video it has received some buzz, but my favorite part about it is people find what I’m doing funny and entertaining. It is making all my friends laugh and help me hopefully win the dream date with my dream guy! This has been the best distraction from a hectic week back to college!

WCPO Nick Goepper Sochi Olympics flowers_1392305366507_2883489_ver1.0_400_300

Nick Goepper is a decorated, professional freestyler skier. He specializes in the event called slopestyle. His most recent accomplishment is winning bronze at the Sochi Olympics last week. This was the winter Olympics first slopestyle event ever. Nick Goepper will forever be the first to win a bronze medal in slopestyle, which I find amazing!  After he won he announced his loneliness on Valentine’s day and shortly followed that announcement with the news about the contest to win his heart with the best invite for a dream date.

I have been persistent with trying to get him to notice me and finally it happened. I tweeted him a funny picture of the cookies I made for him because I read that chocolate chip is his favorite (they are mine too.) He responded right back “those look deliciousness.” Deliciousness might not be an actual word, but I loved everything about it! I was so excited and happy that I ran straight to my friends. It might have only been a tweet but he did like it enough to respond!


Well, it has only gone up from there! A local newspaper from Nick’s town is writing a mini article on my attempts to woo their hometown hero!  It’s so funny and amazing that I have been noticed for just doing something fun! I had the best time doing all this and fingers crossed that I win my dream date with Nick Goepper!

I’ll keep you posted!

yours truly <3

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